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The Lydian Treasure

Lydia and Lydians

The Historical and Cultural Settings
Architectural Terracotas
Lydian Art

major Lydian centers

The Bayindir Tumuli
Aktepe wall paintings
Harta wall paintings and reliefs
Kizoldun and Dedetepe Tumuli
The Tomb of the Carian Princess
Lydian necklace
The Catalogue
by origin
Oinochoe Ladle Pair of Rattles
Pair of Bracelets With Lion-Head Terminals
Necklace With Acorn Pendants
Pair of Boat Shaped Earings
Fragmentary Bracelet
Two Necklaces With Chain Pendants
Brooch in The Form of a Hippocamp
Thirty-Six Square Appliques
Oinochoe Trefoil-Mouthed Jug Phiale
Deep Phiale Bowl Lydion
Platter With Swivel Handle
Lid With Ring Handle Strainer Goblet
Spoon Incense Burner Alabastron
Miror Disk Pyxis With Lid Agate Pendant
Pyramid Stamp Seal Pendant
Seal Ring Ring Signet-Ring
Pair of Bracelets
Cosmetic Box With Lid and Scoop

Couch Supports in the From of Seated Sphinxes
Wall Paintings of a Male Figure

Wall Painting of a Female Figure
Wall Painting of a Male Figure

The Objects Cannot be Assigned to Any Specific Tumulus or Tomb

The hoards grouped by the places they have been excavated. The pieces that are looted and sold to the museums by looters, couldn't be assigned to any specific tumulus or tomb. They are taken back and placed to Usak Museum.

Phiale Bowl Spatula Situla Winged Sun-Disk Pectoral on a Chain Pendant
Pair of Bacelets With Lion-Protome Terminals Necklace With Spiral-Form Beads
Necklace with plain and granulated beads and beech-nut pendants
Necklace with almond shaped pendants Oval Pendant on a Cyrlindrical Tube
Bionical Pendant With Rosette Terminal
Recumbent Ram Recumbent Calf Recumbent Ram Fibula Pair of Pins Double Spool
Applique Circular Disk Lid Alabastron
Incense Burners
General Information


Boat Shaped Earings
Recumbent Animals
The pages grouped in 3 categories above. The first portion is about the Lydia and Lydians, second informates you about some major Lydian centers that most of the hoard is founded during excavations, and finaly the catalogue that includes some of the Lydian Hoard, espacially not included in the other pages or their details

Obviously, whatever this site trying to concludes a highly informative knowledge to you, indeed it includes only a small part of the hoard and information. The major parts of the hoard are shown in the Usak Museum in Usak, and of course, the actual excavation areas that mensioned above. The remainings are in Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara, Burdur Museum in Burdur, Istanbul Archeological Museums in Istanbul.

By the way, if anyone that interested in more spesific and more detailed information about Lydia and Lydian. Please e-mail me to make me offer to you more spesific resources about the concepts that you interested in.

So enjoy while learning now...


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