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The Lydian Treasure



Length 3 cm.
Height 1.1 cm.
Weight 746 gr.


The two hollow spools are cylindrical, with concave sides, joined at upper and lower rims. Both upper faces are decorated with a six-petal rosette. The petals are marked by fine beaded wire, with a granule at the junctions, and the rim is edged with thicker beaded wire. The centre of the rosette is marked by a perforation encircled by a gold wire collar. The concave underside of each spool is plain. Projecting horizontally between the spools at each side, just below the upper rims, is a ring formed from a gold band.
The purpose of these ornaments is not absolutely certain. It is unlikely that they were stitched to clothing by the rings at the sides, as this would obscure the decorated faces of the spools. They may have been strung, perhaps in a series, as pendants of a necklace, or as pendant earrings, but another possibility is that they were used as hair ornaments, secured by pins through the rings. There are similar ornaments in the Manisa Museum, and double spools of a simpler form, probably from an East Greek or Lydian provenance are published by Greifenhagen.


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