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The Lydian Treasure

Cosmetic Box With Lid and Scoop


Height of box 2.6 cm.
width of lid 8.8 cm.
Length of lid 9.2 cm.
Total weight of box and lid 349.05 gr.
Length of scoop 7,3 cm.
Width 2 cm.; weight 9.95 gr.

Usak Museum

The virtually square box is divided internally into five compartments, the outer four square with the inner comers following the curve of the cylindrical central compartment. The upper edge of one of the dividing walls is centrally notched to hold the accompanying scoop. At the outer end of the dividing wall to the right of this is a vertical semicircular tube, crossed near the top by a spindle which is inserted through a hole at each side of the tube, its ends bent up to keep it in place. Around the middle of the spindle swivels the pefforated tab at the end of a short silver rod, at the other end of which is a stud with a soldered electrum cap. The rod slots into a notch at one side of the lid, thus securing it when closed. At the opposite side, the lid pivots horizontally around an electrum-capped rivet which is inserted through the lid into a narrow vertical tube at the end of the dividing wall. The flat lid is decorated with five further electrum caps, one soldered to the centre and one at each corner (one is missing). The scoop is a rectangular silver plate, curved around to give it a semicircular profile, with a hande of round section extending from the rounded shoulders.


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