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The Lydian Treasure

Wall Painting of the Head of a Female Figure

Height at left 36.5 cm.
Height at right 35.5 cm.
Width at lower edge 34.5 cm.
height of head from top to lower edge of hair 23 cm.

Usak Museum

The painting shows the head of a standing female figure, facing left, which was cut out of the right wall of the tomb. The upper part of the head was painted on the beginning of the vault, the chin and neck are on the purely vertical course beneath. All edges of the present cut-out were carefully trimmed. There are no chisel or other tool marks on the surface of the wall. The colours are applied directly to the smoothed limestone. Unfortunately they were retouched when they were n the hands of the dealers, with the result that the present condition of colours and contours is not that of the original. The woman's face has a light pink (repainted) skin colour The dark red lips have new black contours which are too angular The lower line of the chin has also been redrawn. The eye has a black iris and elongated contours. Eyelashes are drawn in thin dashes; the eyebrow is a curved black line. The hair colour is blue, but at least partly repainted. A light red diadem with an incised simple stepped pattern encircles the hair, which descends in front of the ear The ear itself is shown by a dark red patch. All colour stops at a slanting line below the edge of the blue hair. The original outlines were sketched in preliminary red, traces of which remain at the upper front part of the figure. Final contours were black lines.


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