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The Lydian Treasure



Preserved length 3.6 cm.
Height 3 cm.
Weight 10.53 gr.


The bow is virtually semicircular in outline and round in profile, decorated along its length by simple bead and reel moulding, and encircled in five places by more prominent mouldings, Three of these, one at each end (one missing as the fibula is broken at one end) and one in the centre, are covered by gold bands with double bead and reel profile, bent around the bow, their edges meeting and joined at the back of the fibula. On the central band a hairline join is discernible; the join of the surviving end band is less fine. Alternating with the gold bands are two narrower bead and reel mouldings of silver, The catch, at the wearer's right, has lateral spurs (one broken) and is articulated with two broad vertical channels, creating three chines, with a fine groove down the central chine, The opposite end, along with the pin, is missing.


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