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The Lydian Treasure



Height 6.3 cm. ; diameter 3.9 cm. ; length of chain 52.9 cm. ; weight 106.96 gr.


The pear-shaped situla has a swivelling omega-shaped bail to which is attached a chain of forty links. The body of the situla is pointed at the bottom and narrows towards the top where it flares slightly into a thickened outturned rim. The rim is hammered higher above the holes for the bail.
The oval links of the chain are pinched together at the centres; an oval ring at one end attaches the chain to the bail and at the other end is a thicker ring of a diameter large enough to fit over a finger. The situla is raised, and the bail is formed from a hammered silver rod.
Van Bothmer remarks on the lack of exact parallels for the situla, the closest in shape being Egyptian situlae.


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