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The Lydian Treasure

Mirror Disk


Diameter 17.1 cm.
weight 409.55 gr.

Usak Museum

The highly polished circular disk has a slightly convex surface, with a centring mark, and an upturned rim. From one side projects a square tang) pierced with three rivet holes arranged in a triangle, for securing a handle (missing) which was perhaps of wood or ivorv. The rim of the disk is scalloped above the tang.

Silver mirrors of the Archaic period are rare. Analogous to this and the others is the silver mirror from the Basmaci tumulus and a silver mirror found in a cremation burial of the third quarter of the 6th century BC (Tumulus A) at Cordion. A silver mirror was also on the Munich art market in 1986, with a group of other objects (a ladle, oinochoe and bowl of Lydian-Persian type) which were auctioned in 1990 without the mirror.


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