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The Lydian Treasure

Wall Paintings of Male Figures

Height at left 150 cm.
height at right 157 cm.
maximum width 50 cm.

width at bottom 29 cm.

Usak Museum

Over the three superposed, fitting limestone fragments is painted a male figure, facing right, belonging to the left wall of the tomb. The pieces were cut out by modern robbers and trimmed around the edges. As with no.7, the head of this figure shows the curvature of the upper course as it begins to form the vault. The head has dark red, retouched ham with a blue diadem, also retouched. Where an earring might be expected is a round blue patch; the ear itself is no longer visible. The eye is painted and contoured like that of the woman on the opposite wall, but recontoured. The nose is also newly con toured, although traces of the original profile are still visible. The skin colour is pink, combed in modern reworking. In front of the face a red flower is held in the young man's left hand, the fingers of which are preciouslv curved as he raises the flower with thumb and forefinger. The lower edge of this part of the upper block is damaged, and the join with the course beneath has a modem plaster patch. The young man wears a long blue robe with a red border at the neck and a vertical red border descending in wavy fashion to the lower break. The red edge is slightly wider where it curves down from the right shoulder to where the right arm is apparentlv bent with the hand extended in front of the body. The right hand held the branch preserved in no.10. The figure had a reddish belt at his waist (width 20 cm.). The long costume descends to near his feet, which are not entirely preserved. The rear edge of the figure is a vertical joint of the masonry in the lowest course.


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