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The Lydian Treasure

Pair of Bracelets With Lion Head Terminals

Gold and Glass

Diameter 8.2 and 8.3 cm.
weight 22.97 and 24.9 gr.

Usak Museum

The two bracelets are essentially identical. Each hoop approximates seven-eighths of a circle and is made of translucent cobalt blue glass. The terminals are in the form of gold lion heads, a sleeve at the base of the collar slipped over each end of the glass hoop. The lions have closed mouths, and details such as the short strokes on the nose, the eyelashes and the ruffs are lightly chased. The collar at the base of each head is encircled by three mouldings, the broad central one of which is notched, and at the top of the sleeve is a ring of beaded wire. A fine gold chain backed by a narrow strip of gold foil runs along the outer curve of each bracelet from one sleeve to the other, and is secured at the midpoint of the hoop by a short length of chain.

The terminals would have been made using formers such as no.213 and the one in Usak Museum (Usak 19.22.90). A gold bracelet with similar lion-head terminals was recovered from a cremation burial (Tumulus A) of the third quarter of the 6th century BC at Gordion. Another dose comparison for the lions is a ring from Gokceler Koyu near Manisa (Manisa Museum M.2288) which has two lion-head terminals at the ends of the hoop which grip the bezel in their jaws.


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