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The Lydian Treasure



Diameter 2.8 cm.
Weight 4.3 gr.


The flat circular disk has applied decoration. At the centre is a large hollow boss with a wire collar, from which radiate five triangles of tiny granules. Around the edge of the plaque are three concentric gold wires, the outer two of which are twisted. Around the inside of this border is a single row of granules, from which are suspended five triangles of granulation pointing towards the interstices of the inner triangles. Above one of the outer triangles a break for a suspension hole was left in the bordering wires. Here, the rim of the plaque was hammered slightly wider, distorting the triangle and flattening the granules, to create a large perforation at the edge. The outer rim of the perforation has broken. A short slit just to the right of the suspension hole and a small perforation a third of the way round the rim probably represent initial attempts to create suspension holes, which were both too small and incorrectly placed.


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