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The Lydian Treasure

Platter With Swivel Handle


Height 4.7cm.
diameter 30.3cm.
maximum width of handle 10.6cm.
weight 1 527.8 gr.

Usak Museum

The shallow platter is flat at the bottom and has an outturned rim. A rod of semicircular section is soldered to the outside of the rim, around almost half its circumference and flush with its upper edge, and further secured by four rivets. To the centre of the rod, aligned with the central two rivets, are soldered two small rings. The ends of the swivelling omega shaped handle are passed through the two rings and turned back upon themselves, their terminals in the form of small knobbed buds.

von Bothmer notes bronze parallels, two which were recovered from a late 6th century BC tomb at Amathus on Cyprus (now in the British Museum), and a third of unknown provenance (J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu; 78 AC. 403) which has a large rosette in the centre, and the rim band and handle terminating in stylised animal (duck?) heads.


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