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The Lydian Treasure

Pyxis With Lid

Sepolite and Dolamite

Diameter of box 8.9 cm.
Width of box 11.4 cm
diameter of lid 8.9 cm.
width of lid 11 cm.

Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Ankara

The box is a shallow hemisphere divided into four compartments by cross walls. At each of opposite sides is a squarish projection. One of these is pierced by two holes, one at the junction of projection and rim, and the other in the end of the projection. The projection at the opposite side has a central horizontal channel, carved from the outer edge halfway to the rim. The flat circular lid has two corresponding projections, one of which has a hole which fits directly over that of the box, the other with a notch which fits over the channel in the box. At this side there is also a hole at the junction of rim and projection. The lid must have pivoted horizontally and have been secured at the notched side. The lid bears carved decoration of two palmettes which share a central rosette with nine short rounded petals and a deep circular hollow as its centre. At the junction of stem and rosette at each side is a similar shorter 'petal'. The tips of the petals and leaves are all marked with a shallow circular indentation. On the under side of the box are two palmettes carved with less detail. The edge of both lid and box is carved with an ornamental band.

An ivory pyxis of a comparable shape and with a similar attachment method was recovered from Tumulus D at Bayindir, and there are two further parallels from Ephesos.


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