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The Lydian Treasure

Wall Paintings of Male Figures

a) Height 37 cm.
Width 25.5 cm.
Maximum tickness 9.5 cm.

b) Height 37 cm.
Width 29 cm.
Maximum tickness 9.5 cm.

Usak Museum

The painting shows the upper body of a man, facing right. This part of the figure belongs to one block, the lower edge of which is a horizontal masonry join. The figure is painted on a good white ground. The man has black hair and a pointed short beard. His face is painted light pink. At the lower ear is the trace of an earring. His eye has radiating eyelashes and a strong curved eyebrow line. He wears a red costume with simple neckline) over which is a cloak (blue?) visible in outer zones at front and back. The (white?) line within the front of the cloak may represent its trim or an inner mantle or chiton. The man is carrying a pile of five white stacked objects (cloths?) and would have been part of a procession of at least three attendants who were painted on the left wall of the tomb, perhaps in the porch. Above the head, 6 cm. from the top of the block, is the faint trace of a horizontal border.

The painting depicts the upper body of a young beardless man, facing right. As with the first one, the lower edge is a masonry join. The youth has black hair cut fairly short, with the ear clearly reserved. The skin colour is pink with traces of a red blush on the cheek. The eye has radiating eyelashes, a large black iris, and a curved eyebrow line. The black contour lines of the face look reinforced and the slightly open mouth may be a result of this retouching. The youth wears a similar costume to that of the first one, blue (retouched), with a red cloak. Beneath the cloak at the front can be seen its green trim, or chiton or inner mantle. The right edge of the block forms a join with the first one, and the youth would have followed the bearded man of the first one in a procession of a total of at least three attendants. He is also carrying a supply of stacked white objects; his left hand seems to be laid on the topmost of four layers which are painted at the right side of the block and continue at the left of the first one. At the left side of the block are the traces of the stack of white objects which would have been carried by a third member of the procession.


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