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The Lydian Treasure



Length 37.4 and 7.7 cm.; length of tubes 1.1 cm.; height of pendants 1.7 cm. ; weight 22.68 and 4.7 gr.


The two necklace segments are each composed of cylindrical tubes with almond-shaped pendants. One string has thirty-three complete components and a thirty-fourth tube that is missing its pendant; the other has seven components. Each tube has spool-shaped ends and a short centre encircled by a central ridge. Perpendicular to each tube is an almond-shaped pendant formed from two pieces; the convex front has side flanges and a central ridge which divides it into two segments; the back is flat, with an extension at the top that is metallurgically attached to the back of the cylindrical tube. Although the two segments were acquired separately by the Metropolitan Museum, the components of both may' belong to the same necklace, the total preserved length and weight of which would be 45.2 cm. and 27.38 gr.


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