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The Lydian Treasure



Width of hoop 2.3 cm.
Height 2.1 cm.
Weight 7.33 gr

Usak Museum

Across the hoop is set an oval bezel, bordered by flattened granules. The terminals of the hoop have the form of lion heads,each gripping one end of the bezel in its jaws. Around each neck is a granular collan The ears and ruff around the neck are worked at the sides and beneath, but no details are shown on the upper part of the heads. Carved in intagho on the bezel is a lion advancing right, with open mouth, tail curled up, and bristling mane. Beneath is a dotted ground line.

Similar lion devices appear on no.160 and rings from Sardis. A related ring shape, where lion figures grip an oval bezel with their teeth and claws, is published by Boardman. A scarab ring with hoop terminals in the form of lion heads was reportedly found at Gokçeler Köyu near Sardis.


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