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Treasures of Karun

Cavus Bay and Kekova

South of Olympos, tranquil waters and sandy beaches line the Bay of Cavus. Here yoj can waterski on calm waters, discover the colorful marine life or explore the incredible sea caves on the northern shore.

An entry port west of Olympos, Finike is surrounded by citrus trees and gardens. A sandy beach stretches to the east, and to the west are rocky bays and coves.

Limyra, an ancient Lycian city, is 10 km inland from Finike, via Turuncova. The fourth century B.C. Pericles mausoleum, decorated with caryatids, is a magnificent example of ancient art. The city walls and Roman theater are also of interest.

Farther on this road is the Lycian city of Arikanda.Set high on the mountain overlooking one of Turkey's most beautiful vaileys, the extensive ruins include the agora theater, stadium bouleuterion, water system, gymnasium, baths and scattered sarcophagi.


Lycian sarcophagus, Limyra

Fameus Finike Orange
At Demre (Kale), the ancient Myra,(25 km west of Finike), many splendidly carved rock tomos overlook the magnificent Roman theater. St. Nicholas was the bishop of this Mediterranean city during the fourth century, and died here in 342. Every year in December the Santa Claus Commemoration Ceremony attracts many tourists who spend their Christmas holidays on the sunny coast of ancient Lycia.

Dalyanagzi,the ancient harbor of Andriace, west of Demre, has a good beach for swimming and sunbathing.

Rock Tombs, Myra (Demre)
Kekova is an island an hour from Dalyanagzi by sea as well as the name of a whole ensemble of picturesque islands, numerous bays and ancient cities. These bays provide natural harbors in all seasons, and yachtsmen particularly enjoy exploring the unspoilt landscape. Along the northern shore of Kekova Island at Apollonia,earthquakes have disturbed the land causing some of the ancient houses to sink under the clear water, creating a sunken city. Kalekoy Castle (Simena) offers a bird's-eye view of the bays, inlets, islands and colorful yachts sailing peacefully on the glassy water.


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