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Treasures of Karun

Valleys and Underground Citities

On the Nevsehir - Urgup road you can't miss Ortahisar and its rock-carved fortress. The churches in the Balkan Valley are some of the oldest in the Goreme region. In the neighboring Hallac Valley, the Hallac Monastery displays decorations from the 10th and the 11th centuries. North of Ortahisar, the Kizilcukur Valley is breathtakingly beautiful, especially at sunset. In the valley is the 9th century Uzumlu church. Kaymakli undergroud city
Underground City, Kaymakli
The underground cities of Kaymakli, Mazi,Derinkuyu and Ozkonak were all used by the Christians of the seventh century, who were fleeing from persecution. They sheltered from the iconoclastic strife of Byzantium as well as other invasions in these safe and well-hidden metropolises. A complete and self-sufficient environment, these cities included rooms for grain storage, stables, sleeping chambers, kitchens and air shafts. Today, they are well-lit, and an essential and fascinating part of a Cappadocian tour.
West of Avanos, Gulsehir has Hittite rock inscriptions, and nearby, at Gokcetepe, there is a bas-relief of Zeus. South on the Nevsehir road brings you to the 13th century church of St. John and farther along is Aciksaray, where the carved rocks hold churches and chapels. A disco in the underground city, Kaymakli
A disco in the underground city, Kaymakli


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