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Treasures of Karun

Parks in Ankara

Ankara has many delightful parks and open spaces established in the early years of the republic in accordance with Ataturk's belief in the importance of trees and natural beauty. The most important of these parks are: Genclik Park (which also has a Luna Park), the Botanical Garden, Seymenler, Anayasa, Kugulu, Abdi Ipekci, Guven, Demetevler, Cemre, Kale, Anit, Altin (Fairground) and Kurtulus.

Ataturk Orman Ciftligi (Ataturk's Farm) is now in the city and makes a very pleasant place to spend a day. In Salonica, there is a replica of the house where Ataturk was born, an excellent restaurant,and some cafes. Visitors can sample such famous products of the farm as its excellent beer, old-fashioned ice cream, yogurt, milk, and meat rolls.


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