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Treasures of Karun

Mardin and Midyat

Ancient Town of Midyat
From a distance, the golden stone of mardin.htm's houses blend into the rock of the hills on which the city is built. On closer inspection, the stone carving and decoration of the houses an public buildings reveals the city as an architectural treasure-chest. Among the jewels are the ancient citadel and several mosques, in particular, Ulu Mosque. The 15th century Kasim Pasa Medrese is remarkable for its fine stonework. At the lovely Isa Bey Medrese from the 14th century, you can admire the magnificently carved portal and climb to its roof to enjoy the fantastic view over the Mesopotamian Plain.

Only 7 kilometers east of mardin.htm is the Syriac-Jacobite Monastery of Deyrulzaferan, which once was a thriving religious community. Nearby at Kiziltepe, the 13th century Ulu Mosque, one of the best examples of Artukid architecture, has superb mihrab reliefs and a beautiful portal.

Midyat, famous for its silver objects known as 'telkari', has many elegant, historic houses. Eighteen kilometers east of town is the actively functioning Syriac-Jacobite monastery, Deyrelumur(San Gabriel)which dates from the beginning of the fifth century.
Stonecarving detail, mardin


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