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Treasures of Karun

Beysehir and Catalhoyuk

On the way south to Beysehir stop at Eflatun Pinar next to the lake to see this unusual Hittite monumental fountain. Several interesting Seijuk buildings are scattered around lovely Beysehir, on the shores of Turkey's third largest lake, Beysehir Lake. In the southwestern region of the lake is the pristine wilderness of Lake Beysehir National Park. Among the monuments are the Esrefoglu Mosque and Medrese, and the Kubad-Abad Summer Palace across the lake. Another medieval palace stands on Kizkalesi Island, opposite the Kubad-Abad Palace. Haci Akif Island also offers relaxation and recreation to visitors.

Catalhoyuk, 45 km south of Konya, is a fascinating Neolithic site dating from the eighth millennium B.C., which makes it one of the world's oldest towns. Archaeologists have determined that holes in the roofs of the mud houses were the entrance doors. Ankara's Museum of Anatolian Civilizations houses the famous temple (reconstructed), along with mother-goddess figures and Neolithic frescoes from the original site.

At Ivriz, a Hittite site 168 km east of Konya and 18 km south of Eregli, you can see one of Turkey's finest neo-Hittite reliefs of a king and fertility god.

Hittile relief, Ivriz

Meke Crater Lake
Surrounding Karapinar, 96 km east of Konya, are numerous crater lakes: the most famous is the lovely Meke Crater Lake, 7 km southeast of Karapinar. On the north side of the road to Eregli, 8 km from Karapinar, lies Aci Crater Lake. In the center of the lake is an island which is a natural wonder. Surrounding Eregli, one of the largest centers in the district of Konya, are yellow cherry trees - very tasty The Eregli Archaeological Museum displays many Hittite, Roman, Byzantine and Seijuk artifacts.


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