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Treasures of Karun

Balikesir and Bandirma
Bird Paradise - Kuscenneti

 fishermens' boats
The province of Balikesir borders both the Marmara and Aegean regions. In the capital of Balikesir, nature and interesting historical sites blend in harmony. The mid-l4th century Yildirim Mosque, built by Beyazit I., is the city's oldest mosque. Of Zagnos Pasa Mosque, built in 1461 by Mehmet the Conqueror's Grand Vizer Zagnos Pasa, once part of a great complex, only the mosque and bath remain today. The Saat Kulesi (Clock Tower) built in 1827 by Mehmet Pasa imitates the Genoese Galata Tower on a smaller scale. The Karesi Bey Mausoleum of 1336 contains the cenotaphs of Karesi Bey and his five sons.

The beautiful Degirmen Bogazi, an area ten kilometers from Balikesir towards Bursa lies between two hills. Families flock to this scenic spot and its restaurants during weekends and holidays. Photographers will enjoy a break at Karakol village to capture the three picturesque windmills on film. Ancient Penderamus, now called Bandirma, is today an important commercial and industrial harbor second only to Istanbul. You can spend a pleasant afternoon in the town's restaurants and cafes. Belkis (Kyzikos)lies ten kilometers west of Bandirma. In this ancient city on the Kapidag peninsula's isthmus,the Temple of Hadrian, a theater and aqueducts still stand to captivate visitors. The Kuscenneti National Park near Lake Manyas is an ornithological site where 239 different species of birds flourish.Every year over three million birds fly through this preserve. April and May are the best months to enjoy the wildlife. Thirteen kilometers southeast of Bandirma in Karacabey, horse farms breed magnificent specimens of this beloved creature.

Once known as ancient Erteka, Erdek is just 14 km northwest of Bandirma. One of the Sea of Marmara's oldest and most famous resort areas,it offers pristine beaches and every type of accommodation. Olive groves cover Zeytinli Island, off Erdek Bay, where quaint cafes and tea gardens enchant visitors.
thermal Spring
Thermal Springs
in Gonen, Balikesir


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