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Treasures of Karun

Ayvalik and Edremit
a Chuch in Ayvalik
a Church in Ayvalik
Marmara Island, formerly known as Prokonessos, rose to prominence in the Roman period and retained its importance in the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, because of its marble quarries which supplied the luxurious stone for the extravagant imperial building programs. Marble Beach near Saraylar village derives its name from the natural marble that lies just off the water's edge. In town an open air museum displays artifacts which date back to Roman and Byzantine times.

Turkeli (Avsa) is another holiday island that boasts of spectacular beaches and clear water as well as famous vineyards and wine cellars.In the Manastir district stands the Byzantine Meryem Ana Monastery.

Fifty-five kilometers southwest of Bandirma,Gonen is Turkey's most important thermal resort. The springs were used even in Roman times and a fifth century mosaic remains from what was originally a Roman bath.These waters come from 500 meters below the ground and emerge heated at approximateiy 82-C. Another 30 Km to the northwest Denizkent is a nice vacation spot with lovely beaches.
Sindirgi lies at the base of the Alacam Mountains amid beautiful forests and meadows in a region known for the weaving of superb Turkish carpets. The rugs of Yagcibedir are among the most prized in the country and grow more lovely the older they become.

Around the Gulf of Edremit, also in Balikesir province, are some of the most beautiful ceastlines in the country where the clear waters meet sandy beaches encircled by the silvery green of olive groves. Ayvalik, Burhaniye,Oren, Edremit, Akcay and Altinoluk are all holiday towns which attract vacationers 1nterested in a relaxing holiday with beautiful scenery and a wealth of historical and archaeological sites.
a Cafe in Ayvalik
a Cafe in Ayvalik


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