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Treasures of Karun


Mt. Agri (Ararat)

Ishak Pasa Palace

Ishak Pasa Palace
Agri, a provincial capital on a 1650 meter-high plateau, takes its name from the mountain which looms over it. The pleasant Balik (Fish) Lake to the northeast, not surprisingly hasplenty of fish restaurants serving local delicacies. Thermal springs bubble up all over the area. For those who want a hardy outdoorevent,visit the Bubi Dagė Ski Center, 20 km southwest of Agri, for a few days of snow sport.

Do not miss the spectacular site of The Ishak Pasha palace, only 6 km from Dogubayazit. Ishak Pasha, Ottoman governor of the province, constructed the palace in the 17th-century in a mixture of architectural styles. Nearby you can see a bas-relief of an Urartian king, and a rock tomb from the ninth century B.C.

Near Dogubeyazit, Turkey's most scenic natural monument, Mount Agri rises to a height of 5137 meters. To see the place where it is thought that Noah's Ark came aground, go to Uzengili village, 25 km east of Dogubeyazit. Be sure to try the local dessert asure (Noah's pudding), believed to have first been made by Noah's wife from the last bits of food in the Ark.

Diyadin Thermal Springs


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