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Treasures of Karun

These carpets, made in the vicinity of Kayseri are of a very fine quality and are considered very attractive. A rich red with indigo coloured blue is used throughout the field with a border of brilliant shades of yellow and gold. This carpets are very popular, because of the traditional flawless workmanship of the Yahyali weavers. The main ornamental motif of a contemperary and atique Yahyali is the hexagon which is smilar to those of the Yoruk carpets, but they are more linear in execution. A double hexagon encloses a light blue centerpieces. The hexagon may be single, double or triple. Most Yahyali carpets have these common caracteristics. A main border with stylized flowers and an "old gold" ground, surrounded by two lesser borders with a dark blue ground. The main field is nearly always red, with a blue medallion and corner pieces, which have stepped edges. The warm colour harmony and beatifull designs along with good quality maka the Yahyali carpets one of the most popular carpets of Anatolia. The number of knots in Yahyali carpets are equal to the number of Milas carpest (140,000 knots per square meter).

Yahyali Yolluk


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