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Treasures of Karun

Milas Carpet Milas is the center of a weaving area in Western Turkey near Izmir. It gives its name to all the carpets produced in the region. Those made in the immediate area of Milas are different in style to those made in the South-west Peninsula, around the center of Karaova. There are four sub-types which constitute the Milas family,' the prayer carpet with the losenge shaped niche, the bright red medallion Milas, the antique Milas which is woven in shades of red-brown and yellow and the Ada Milas which is quite restrained in design. The prayer rugs are the most important sub-type, with their unusual shaped Mihrab, elongated, terminating in a losenge, representing the immortality of the soul. Carpets from no other region have Mihrabs in this shape. there are approximately 160.000 knots per square meter in the Milas carpets.


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