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Treasures of Karun

bergama carpet Bergama is a little town in northwest part of the country, here there are approximately eighty villages which weave Bergama carpets. This ancient city was one of the most powerfull and richest region in Anatolia. The history of carpet waving in this region has a very old background. Bergama carpets have always been woven as wool on wool material combination while wefts are all red. Knoting density of these rugs is about 12 knots per square cm. and mostly come in three - four square meter sizes. Those woven in Canakkale are slightly larger. Motifs can be divided by two main groups: as Kozak type and Turkish type. Kozak type rugs have big geometrical designs, these ones remind Kozak - Gendje region rugs. In Turkish type usually designs are very floral and emroydreyed with leaves of the pine trees. They consist mainlyof two colours, the dark reds and blues. In these rugs red colour, which is used for dyeing the wool yarns, makes the pile less thick than the rest of the surface after a certain time, so blue motifs appear higher. The evil eyes that you see at the edges give them an exceptionally unusual appearence.


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